ISHQ the Musical

ISHQ is London’s first Anglo Punjabi Sufi musical, brought to the stage by Serendip Productions, an international award-winning company from Pakistan.

The legend of Heer Ranjha  tells the story of a romance that created a  revolutionary uproar, as one woman challenged a patriarchal society and shook it to its foundations. Ishq is an adaptation of that classic love story which was originally penned by the immortal Sufi Saint Waris Shah, and features specially commissioned music and choreography from across Pakistan and the UK.

Using Punjabi colloquialism and set against the beautiful backdrops of the Punjab, ISHQ combines classical and modern dance with a unique blend of poetry and fusion music. One of the most famous romantic folk legends of the East is brought to life through multimedia, special effects, stunning dances and  original music supported by a live choir.

The Story

ISHQ - The Musical

Harken to this reed forlorn, Breathing, ever since it was torn… From its rushy bed, a strain Of impassioned love and pain… ‘Tis the flame of love that fired me ‘Tis the wine of love that inspired me. Wouldst though learn how lovers bleed Harken, harken to the reed. (Maulana Rumi)

Ishq is the Punjabi legend of Heer Ranjha: a story of passionate love, separation and a desire to be reunified. And within this journey, the man – Ranjha – discovers spiritualism through his brief association with a Sufi.

RANJHA Look into my future and see whether my love - Heer - and I will be together again.
SHAH JEE (The Sufi Smiles)
And who says that I can see the future? I only see potential… not the future.
RANJHA People say that you can perform miracles.
SHAH JEE There is no such thing as miracles… only events that people with their limited perceptions, are not able to understand.
RANJHA Take me back to Heer.
SHAH JEE You know the way that you came from. Trace your footsteps back and you will find her.

The woman – Heer – discovers that she has an inner strength and an assertive voice that defies the confines that the 18th century patriarchal rural-Punjabi society has placed her in.

HEER At least it would have been my choice… and as far as a burden is concerned… I remain a burden because people like you deny me any opportunity to break the shackles of servitude… let me stand on my own without being judged and I will no longer be a burden… but men like you will never do that … you fear that you will lose the power to manipulate… to control… to blame.

No story can become a legend unless there is a strong antagonist or opposition. Kaido – Heer’s uncle – is secretly in love with his niece. He has no qualms in playing the role that he must …

KAIDO “I cannot extinguish the fire. I am the product of elements beyond my control. Destined to do things untold, as some of the great men and women who were destined to rule and excel… But I am destined to create chaos and make life a living hell.”


Serendip Productions

Huma Beg



Farooq Beg


S. Mushfiq Murshed


Ian Brandon

Composer (UK)

Emu Fuzon

Composer (Pakistan)

Owen Smith

Choreographer and Dramaturg

Suhaee Abro


Tara Finney

Associate Producer

Declan Randall

Set Designer, Projections and Lighting

Lawrence Michalowski


Chris Firth

Production Manager

Gemma Eves

Choir Manager

Kansia Pritchard

Music Advisor and Flutist

Daniyaal Mustafa Beg

Manager Multimedia

Rabia Sana

Costumes Manager

Anila Rubab

Manager Props / Jewellery

Tauqir Kiyani

Manager Logistics / Administration



Ikram ul Haq

Cast Manager

Mark Kamran

Content Editor

The Venue

Sadler’s Wells is the world’s No.1 venue dedicated to international dance -presenting dance in all forms from contemporary to flamenco, ballet to hip hop Bollywood and more presented by the world’s best known national and international dance and musical theatre companies.

It is the second oldest theatre in London and the present theatre is the sixth generation rebuilt on site. It has excellent modern technical facilities with a seating capacity of 1500 audience.

Performance Dates

Event Schedule

Wednesday, 6th September, 2017 (Rehearsal Night)


Thursday, 7th September, 2017 (Press Night)


Performance Day 1 Evening

Running time 120 minutes (including interval)

Friday, 8th September, 2017 (Gala Night)


Performance Day 2 Evening

Running time 120 minutes (including interval)

Saturday, 9th September, 2017 (Finale)


Performance Day 3 Matinee

Running time 120 minutes (including interval)


Performance Day 3 Evening

Running time 120 minutes (including interval)

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The conference takes place at:
Sadler's Wells Theatre
Rosrbery Ave
Clerkenwell, London

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