Democracy in Pakistan


Serendip Productions specializes in producing documentaries on diverse subjects. It has now produced a documentary series on the political history of democracy in Pakistan. “Democracy in Pakistan” is a huge topic. How can democracy be categorized in Pakistan? Has Pakistan’s democracy been sabotaged by its Constitutions? Do democratic norms clash with Islamic culture and why […]

After Bradford Boil

After the Bradford Boil
With recent political events both within and outside the UK, the Asian community in Britain once again finds itself pushed to the forefront. They have something to say and they are not afraid of saying it. For better or for worse, this has led to the new wave of conflict both within […]

Facing Veils and Walls

Veils and Walls Trailer from serendipfilms on Vimeo.

A Case for Literacy


A Case for Literacy from serendipfilms on Vimeo.

The Dynamo In Silk


The Dynamo In Silk from serendipfilms on Vimeo.

Clean Gang

Zara Dhiyan Dein


Health programming for the British Asians in UK